Yonego Internet Marketing
2013-06-01 00:00:00

ROI Driven Internet Marketing

Yonego is the ROI Driven Internet Marketing agency for ambitious companies. Right from the start, we have given priority to measurable results and we generate millions of Euros extra turnover for our clients.

Potential clients are looking for you now. But will they find you? Yonego's internet marketing services ensure that your target group can find you online. With our ROI Driven strategy, we continue to measure, test and further improve in order to maximise your online return.

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More than 10 years' experience helps us to stay one step ahead of the competition. Increasing and sharing our knowledge is part of our very culture.
Synergy plays a central part in everything that we do. A channel is a way to achieve the main goal – increasing your turnover!
To succeed on the internet, you need to start by measuring your results. Yonego makes it possible to do so and converts the data obtained into action plans.
The market is constantly changing and it’s always possible to make improvements. We will be happy to show you how. Daily testing is a way to help maximize your ROI.
Technology opens up lots of possibilities. The technology developed by our organization can help you to take rapid and effective action.
Online and offline activities must reinforce each other. Yonego co-ordinates its online marketing campaigns with your offline activities.
Data helps you understand how your target group conducts searches. We use unique data to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Search engine advertising

Want to start advertising in the search engines? Maximise your online ROI with optimum search results and focus on measurable results!

Search engine optimization

Top of the list of independent results?
Opt for the search engine optimization and generate more leads and sales via the search engines!

Conversion optimization

More returns from your existing visitors? Optimise your website with conversion optimization by continuously testing!

This method results in long-term cooperation, with your online ROI as the target for both parties. Once we've given our word, we'll keep it, and will be pleased to be held accountable on the basis of the measurable results provided, so that we can do business together online.