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Within Yonego, roughly two branches can be distinguished: the online marketing agency and Yonego’s own brands. The online marketing agency acts as a strategic partner for our clients, and can also play an executive role. Yonego’s own brands are mostly lead generation platforms that focus on bringing supply and demand together.


The online

Within Yonego, we strive together with our clients, for the best business results in the field of online marketing. Together, we determine which processes are necessary to achieve the set objectives successfully. We do not only help our clients set these goals, but also implement them. Transparency and intensive cooperation are of paramount importance during this process.

While determining the objectives as well as implementing the processes, we reason from data and we take into account clients in different phases of the customer journey. That way, we know for sure that we are reaching the envisaged target group.
In short; Yonego’s energy and entrepreneurship can help you achieve optimal business results through an intention-driven strategy. Are you curious about what we can do for your company?
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own brands

Entrepreneurship helps growing your business. In many cases, a constant influx of clients is indispensable. Yonego’s own brands help you with this; We bring supply and demand together through comparison websites. We help consumers to find what they are looking for and bring them in touch with you. That way, you have more time to focus on your true passion and the customer will find what they are looking for faster.

How does this work? Potential clients from your region can request a quote from you on our comparison platforms. We will then send you the contact details so that you can contact them yourself. Smart, right?

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