Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is one of the clients we are very proud of, because of the excellent results, real team spirit and because we have been working together in good spirit intensively since 2014. To us this is special, since as a semi-public company, Eindhoven Airport has to put out a tender at least every 3 […]

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+47,8%Average growth
in revenue


Schoonenberg has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 90 years with 160 hearing stores; Schoonenberg has a sales funnel of 3 months, limited store capacity and assessed campaigns on online results while the actual results took place offline; At the request of Schoonenberg we increased the transparency of the entire funnel transparent […]

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Fisherman’s Friend

Fisherman’s Friend was a traditional brand with a relatively old target audience. Nowadays, they try to appeal to a younger target group. This of course requires an entirely different market approach. The aim of the campaign was to maximize the unique reach among 16 – 34 year olds and thus generate more awareness and also […]

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39million impressions
99%of target
group reached


Profile is one brand in the automobile industry, focusing on tires, APK and maintenance services, with 220 physical branches and many branch owners in the Benelux. Profile does not sell anything online and is completely dependent on customer transactions at these branches; When Covid-19 appeared, it was bound to impact Profile’s market. Yet this turned […]

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store visits

Table du Sud

Table du Sud is a very young company established in 2014 that continues to grow through a smart full funnel approach aimed at both performance and branding;90% of purchases take place in the showrooms, but the orientation process takes place online; In a saturated market, with an excessive supply of table (solutions), a strong focus […]

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189%more sessions
on website
104%growth in
e-com revenue


Lely is the world market leader in automation in dairy farming; they take care of what is often referred to as “the dairy farming of the future”. This is a specific business with an even more specific customer base, which out of experience is often not online-minded; Nevertheless and partly thanks to the use of […]

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46%growth in
total revenue
303%growth in online
contact requests

We also work for:

Ahoy Rotterdam

Rotterdam Ahoy is one of the largest event venues in the Netherlands, focusing on creating large-scale events covering its performance arena, exhibition halls and a congress and meeting center all under one roof. Rotterdam Ahoy often rents out the location to third parties, but also organizes dozens of events each year; Yonego is responsible for […]

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Conrad is the largest technical webshop in Europe. With more than 750,000 products available and 3,200+ employees, they are active in approximately 20 countries; In the past, Conrad had physical branches throughout Europe, but they now focus entirely on online sales. While the company used to be active in the B2C market, the focus in […]

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25%less media budget YoY
14%growth in total revenue


In addition to the Netherlands, they have also been active in Belgium for years. Despite the fact that they worked with a professional agency here as well, this lagged behind compared to the Netherlands; AFAS is a major Dutch player in ERP software market, established in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The company built its familiarity […]

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27%growth in
telephone contact
12%growth in