Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is one of the clients we are very proud of; the good results we have achieved together, the relationship, the real team spirit and because we have been working together intensively since 2014. Quite special, since as a semi-public company, it has to put out a tender at least every 3 years Eindhoven […]

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47.8%Average growth in revenue per year
+162%Conversion rate


Schoonenberg has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 90 years with 160 hearing stores; Schoonenberg has a sales funnel of 3 months, limited store capacity and assessed campaigns on online results while the actual results took place offline; At the request of Schoonenberg we increased the transparency of the entire funnel transparent […]

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Fisherman’s Friend

Fisherman’s Friend is a traditional brand with a relatively older target audience. A pilot campaign was developed (creatives by Animate The World) to make the brand more relevant for a younger audience. The aim of the campaign was to maximize the unique reach among 16 – 34 year olds and thus generate more awareness and […]

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73k likeswith the 1st Dutch TikTok campaign
99%of target group reached

Table du Sud

Table du Sud is a very young company that continues to grow through a smart full funnel approach aimed at both performance and branding; 90% of purchases take place in the showrooms, but the orientation process takes place online; In a saturated market, a strong focus on creating a unique experience that creates positive brand […]

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92%more sessions on the website;
194%growth in e-commerce revenue;


Lely is the world market leader in automation in dairy farming; Lely specializes in what is often referred to as “the dairy farming of the future”. Hence Lely operates in  a very substantial niche, with a very specific target group; farmers. Farmers can be a difficult target group to find, thus Lely turned to Yonego. […]

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303%growth in online contact requests (2020);
30%growth in page views;

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AFAS is a major player in ERP software. Many people in the business world are familiar with the company as the software is widely used, not only in a B2B environment but als in B2C, partly because of AFAS’ sponsorships in culture and sports such as football clubs like KV Mechelen in Belgium and AZ […]

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27%growth in telephone contact (2020 vs 2019);
12%growth in appointments (2020 vs 2019).