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Conquering the Belgian market with AFAS
AFAS is one of the largest providers of business software in the Netherlands, but Belgium lagged behind.
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telephone contact
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  • In addition to the Netherlands, they have also been active in Belgium for years. Despite the fact that they worked with a professional agency here as well, this lagged behind compared to the Netherlands;
  • AFAS is a major Dutch player in ERP software market, established in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The company built its familiarity with potential customers and stakeholders as a company that focuses on the development of widely used software. The company is also known for its sponsorships with the concert venue in Amsterdam (AFAS Live) as well as being the main sponsor for both the team as well as the stadium of AZ Alkmaar, one of the top flight Dutch football associations.
  • Yonego currently acts as both the executive party and strategic marketing partner for AFAS Belgium. During this partnership the results of AFAS in Belgium have improved and communication is also much smoother than before. Yonego and the AFAS marketing department really collaborate and work together as one team;
  • Yonego has a lot of experience with the Belgian market, with specialists who understand the Belgian culture in addition to the local languages. Yonego also had a large branch in Gent for about 8 years. Due to the short distance from Breda to Belgium and because the office in Breda doubled in size at the end of 2019 / early 2020 due to the continuous growth, it was decided to merge these offices;
  • Because of our expertise in the Dutch and Belgian market, we serve several Dutch companies that want to increase their impact on the Belgian market, and vice versa.


  • YoY 27% growth in telephone contact (2020 vs 2019);
  • YoY 12% growth in appointments (2020 vs 2019).

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