Ahoy Rotterdam

This case:
Attracting full house together with Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoy & Yonego work together as a team with a common goal


  • Rotterdam Ahoy is one of the largest event locations in the Netherlands. The location is frequently used for large-scale events.Rotterdam Ahoy often rents out the location, but they also organize dozens of own events every year;
  • Yonego is responsible for the analytical foundation and the online marketing of events like InfraTech, Europort and Safety & Health @ Work. Yonego employs a number of specialists who have worked in the event industry in the past, they are completely at home in the industry and know how (and where) the target group can be reached best;
  • Over the past year we have been able to be very flexible with the transition that COVID-19 has brought with organizing events. The framework for trade fairs in the future will be worked out together in due course.