Ahoy Rotterdam

This case:
Attracting full house together with Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoy & Yonego work together as a team with a common goal


  • Rotterdam Ahoy is one of the largest event venues in the Netherlands, focusing on creating large-scale events covering its performance arena, exhibition halls and a congress and meeting center all under one roof. Rotterdam Ahoy often rents out the location to third parties, but also organizes dozens of events each year;
  • Yonego is responsible for the analytical foundation and the online marketing of these events. In order to optimally service clients as Rotterdam Ahoy, Yonego employs a number of specialists who have working experience in the event industry. These team members are at their best when working for these clients and know how to appeal to the target audience.
  • Unfortunately, Covid-19 has been a major blow to the events of Rotterdam Ahoy. Yonego has always been a flexible partner. We are not a supplier, but we are a strategic partner and flexibility is always part of that;
  • Together with Rotterdam Ahoy we are already looking at the future, developing a new framework together for upcoming events (which will aim to meet the standards of the “the new normal” combined with the old Rotterdam Ahoy feeling).

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