This case:
Supporting the marketing department of Conrad Belgium
And serving as a consultant and flexible marketing shell for other European countries
less media budget YoY
growth in total revenue
+ 50%
increase in ROAS


  • Conrad is the largest technical webshop in Europe. With more than 750,000 products available and 3,200+ employees, they are active in approximately 20 countries;
  • In the past, Conrad had physical branches throughout Europe, but they now focus entirely on online sales. While the company used to be active in the B2C market, the focus in recent years has shifted towards B2B. The conversion of their client based entailed a considerable change in their strategy;
  • One of the issues of Conrad was the fact that its Belgian webshop could not keep up with other local webshops for years, partly because was hosted and managed from the office in Oldenzaal in the Netherlands. Even though experienced marketeers were involved, it was clear there was a lack of knowledge about the local Belgian market.
  • Starting in 2017, Yonego took on the challenge to improve these results. Initially we started only in the field of SEA. However, our partnership continued and increased. As of XXXX Conrad Belgium decided to fully outsource its online marketing department to Yonego.
  • In addition to taking on these Belgian online marketing activities, Yonego is now also the “flexible shell” for the rest of Conrad Western Europe. For example, team members were recently deployed on a project basis to assist with all types of processes. For instance, assisting the marketing team to increase their experience with YouTube for Action or SA360.; We are also sparring partner on a regular basis, joining internal meetings or sessions with parties such as Google and other clients;
  • Yonego has a lot of experience with the Belgian market, with specialists who understand the Belgian culture in addition to the local languages. Yonego also had a large branch in Gent for about 8 years. Due to the short distance from Breda to Belgium and because the office in Breda doubled in size at the end of 2019 / early 2020 due to the continuous growth, it was decided to merge these offices;
  • Because of our expertise in the Dutch and Belgian market, we serve several Dutch companies that want to increase their impact on the Belgian market, and vice versa.


  • With 25% less media budget YoY 14% growth in total revenue (2020 vs 2019);
  • An increase of + 50% in ROAS (2020 vs 2019).

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