Eindhoven Airport

This case:
For 6+ years, we have collaborated as one marketing team together with Eindhoven Airport, while breaking record after record
During this collaboration, we have realized an average growth of 47.8% per year in revenue
Average growth
in revenue


  • Eindhoven Airport is one of the clients we are very proud of, because of the excellent results, real team spirit and because we have been working together in good spirit intensively since 2014. To us this is special, since as a semi-public company, Eindhoven Airport has to put out a tender at least every 3 years. This means that they periodically are approached by other professional agencies;
  • The airport is part of Schiphol Group, and is the second largest airport in the Netherlands after Schiphol Airport. From Eindhoven, you can fly to over 75 destinations in Europe. When you travel to these destinations, you often have to park your car as well. Not many people realize it immediately, but offering parking facilities is the largest source of income for airports such as Eindhoven Airport;
  • Yonego is responsible for all online channels as well as the entire e-commerce process. The main channels to facilitate these channels are SEA, CRO, and SEO. Every year, dozens and sometimes even hundreds of experiments are run in these channels. This enables us to always continue to develop and operate completely data-driven;
  • Of course, Eindhoven Airport has been hit hard by the COVID crisis. Yonego always remains flexible in this regard: campaigns are immediately adapted according to recent developments, and Yonego’s management costs changed accordingly;
  • During our 6 year collaboration with Eindhoven Airport we have grown by an average of 47.8% in revenue with the webshop up until the start of the pandemic.


  • Average growth in revenue per year: +47,8%;
  • Conversion rate: +162%.

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