Fisherman’s Friend

This case:
By cancelling TV commercials and with less budget, we realized a 5.74% uplift in brand consideration and reaching 99% of the target group
Through a renewed logo, new “brand lift” measuring techniques and TikTok advertising.
with the 1st Dutch TikTok campaign
of target group reached
Significant brand consideration uplift


  • Fisherman’s Friend was a traditional brand with a relatively old target audience. With this campaign we tried to appeal to a younger target group. This of course requires an entirely different market approach.
  • The aim of the campaign was to maximize the unique reach among 16 – 34 year olds and thus generate more awareness and also realize an uplift in brand consideration;
  • A large part of the target group can be reached on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Using reach planning tools in Google and Facebook and by testing multiple channels, we are able to define which platforms deliver the most reach and which platforms have the most impact on branding KPIs;
  • The impact on the brand has been measured by brand lift studies in Facebook & Instagram. In addition, the brand lift 2.0 beta from Google was used. This allowed us to analyze more data focusing on the question of how much impact a campaign has on (previously abstract) metrics such as brand consideration;
  • By adding TikTok to the channel mix, Fisherman’s Friend is the first brand in the Dutch market to advertise on TikTok. The move to TikTok was quite a challenge, given the obstacles we had to overcome to move to TikTok, including changing reports about TikTok, laws and regulations, manual ad testing in Hong Kong. In the end, we achieved a great first mover advantage here;
  • The final result is a digital reach of 99% of the target group and a very significant positive impact on ad recall, brand awareness and brand consideration.


  • 39 million impressions, 13 million unique users;
  • 99% of the target group reached;
  • View rate of 41%;
  • Significant Brand Uplift of + 5.74%;
  • Viral campaign on TikTok with 73,000 likes (compared to 5,500 on Facebook & Instagram with a budget that was 3.5x as high there).

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