This case:
How we assist Lely in selling the best milking robots worldwide
And help livestock farmers to excel in sustainable milk production
growth in online contact requests (2020);
growth in page views;
decrease in bounce rate.


  • Lely is the world market leader in automation in dairy farming; Lely specializes in what is often referred to as “the dairy farming of the future”. Hence Lely operates in  a very substantial niche, with a very specific target group; farmers. Farmers can be a difficult target group to find, thus Lely turned to Yonego.
  • With an elaborated approach and a tight collaboration, we have managed to drastically improve visibility for Lely, for example, Pages viewed grew by 30% and no less than 303% increase in contact requests were realised;
  • One of the most important things is the use and linking of different data sources, so that targeting can be used as specific as possible. Full funnel campaigns are used across the board; from GMP (DV360, SA360, Campaign Manager, Google Studio, etc.) to SEO, CRO, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok and many more;
  • The approach differs greatly from country to country, there are major differences between countries such as New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, the United States and the Netherlands. Both in terms of culture and online behavior;
  • This not only applies to the target group, but also to the 2000 employees spread over 46 countries. Yonego supports both the head office and the local marketing departments.


  • 303% growth in online contact requests (2020);
  • 30% growth in page views;
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate.