This case:
How we are able to sell products worth €150,000 worldwide with Lely to a niche B2B target group
And with that, managed to achieve a revenue growth of € 191 million YoY
growth in
total revenue
growth in online
contact requests
growth in
page views


  • Lely is the world market leader in automation in dairy farming; they take care of what is often referred to as “the dairy farming of the future”. This is a specific business with an even more specific customer base, which out of experience is often not online-minded;
  • Nevertheless and partly thanks to the use of online marketing, it is possible to achieve a YoY revenue growth of 46% in 2019, resulting in a record revenue of € 606 million;
  • One of the most important things is the use and linking of different data sources, in order to target the envisaged customer base as specifically as possible. Full funnel campaigns are used across the board; from GMP (DV360, SA360, Campaign Manager, Google Studio, etc.) to SEO, CRO, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok and many more;
  • It is important to note that the approaches applied differs greatly from country to country. There are major differences between countries such as New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, the United States and the Netherlands. Both in terms of culture and online behavior. All this needs to be taken into account during the process;
  • This not only applies to the target group, but also to the 8000+ employees spread over 46 countries. Yonego supports both the head office and the local marketing departments of Lely.


  • 46% growth in total revenue (2019);
  • 303% growth in online contact requests (2020);
  • Strong improvement in engagement: 30% growth in page views, 20% decrease in bounce rate.

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