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Grow 12% YoY in times of COVID, while being fully dependant on physical branches
Why COVID doesn't have to be a sales-killer for “brick-and-mortar” brands.
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  • Profile is one brand in the automobile industry, focusing on tires, APK and maintenance services, with 220 physical branches and many branch owners in the Benelux. Profile does not sell anything online and is completely dependent on customer transactions at these branches;
  • When Covid-19 appeared, it was bound to impact Profile’s market. Yet this turned out not to be the case;
  • The key to preventing a potential downfall in sales turned out to be complete integration of hyperlocal campaigns across all channels and effective communication towards customers in these uncertain times;
  • In addition, the company stayed on track through dynamic feed-based SEA, display and social campaigns and an important beta in Google Analytics. These dynamic feed-based ads achieve a +197% increase in ROAS and a -70% decrease in CPO compared to traditional ads;
  • Profile has been around since 1989, and car maintenance is by no means a new industry. As a result, the growth figures exceeded all expectations;
  • In total, YoY growth of 12.21% in revenue was achieved online in 2020;
  • Profile did not have customer counters or other service points. We managed to overcome this by means of a beta test for Google Analytics which also measured store visits across all channels. Store visits also increased by 11.15% YoY in 2020;
  • Google Local is a new campaign type rolled out by Google in 2020. We decided to use it immediately with Profile, and we now pay an average of 64% less for our store visits than what we achieve with “traditional” SEA campaigns. It pays off to lead the way!


  • 12.21% more revenue (in times of Covid-19);
  • 11.15% more store visits;
  • 70% drop in CPO in PPC campaigns;
  • 104% increase in CTR in PPC campaigns;
  • 197% increase in ROAS from PPC campaigns.

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