This case:
How Schoonenberg sells 12% more hearing aids with 28% less budget by integrating offline data into the online strategy


  • Schoonenberg has been the market leader in the Netherlands for over 90 years with 160 hearing stores;
  • Schoonenberg has a sales funnel of 3 months, limited store capacity and assessed campaigns on online results while the actual results took place offline;
  • At the request of Schoonenberg we increased the transparency of the entire funnel transparent so that everyone, from the call center to the store employee, now has realtime visibility on the variables involved. Through increased visibility we were able to create further insights, transparency in results, and further opportunities for optimization;
  • By connecting the funnel data, we were able to relate actual sales data to online campaigns;
  • Increase insight in the funnel data allows us to approach the perfect target group more efficiently, schedule more appointments, and increase sales margins;
  • This has resulted in a 12% increase in bottom line sales with 28% less budget.


  • Total costs: -28,73%;
  • Conversion Rate: +44,50%;
  • Appointments: +37,32%;
  • % people with actual hearing loss: +14%;
  • Sales: +12%.

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