Table du Sud

This case:
How Table du Sud achieved 67% growth with a Full Funnel Campaign in a saturated and competitive market
more sessions
on website
growth in
e-com revenue
growth in
total revenue


  • Table du Sud is a very young company established in 2014 that continues to grow through a smart full funnel approach aimed at both performance and branding;90% of purchases take place in the showrooms, but the orientation process takes place online;
  • In a saturated market, with an excessive supply of table (solutions), a strong focus on creating a unique experience that creates positive brand preference is an absolute must!
  • By making smart use of the data and responding to various phases of the customer journey by means of campaigns, content and a wide range of micro touchpoints in combination with automation, we are able to significantly improve the customer experience;
  • This has resulted in an e-commerce revenue growth of 104.19% YoY, total revenue growth of 67% YoY and an improvement in ROAS of 53.15%.


  • 189% more sessions on the website;
  • 104% growth in e-commerce revenue;
  • 67% growth in total revenue;
  • An improvement in ROAS of 53%.

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