What is CRO (Conversion rate optimization)

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as conversion rate optimization. It is a method that uses data and user feedback to improve a Web site's bottom line. 'Conversion' stands for converting visitors into buying customers. A conversion can be ordering or buying a product, as well as purchasing a service, signing up for a newsletter, filling out a contact form, requesting information or downloading a white paper. 'Optimization' stands for optimizing (improving) the website to ensure that visitors convert. So CRO is improving the conversion rate based on A/B testing and hypotheses that make visitors complete more purchases, downloads or other goals.

The website can be optimized with different elements, such as improving the tagline, USPs, testimonials, readability, images, a call-to-action or improving navigation through the website (internal link structure).

How does conversion optimization work?

A new website is optimized for conversion by thinking about the barriers visitors may encounter, such as adding shipping or inventory information. The conversion optimization process for existing website takes place on an ongoing basis. The adjustments come from data obtained from analytics. This data is combined with psychology and hypotheses are then attached to it.