What is a SERP (Search engine result page)

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. This is the page of search results that a search engine such as Google displays when a user searches for certain keywords. Search engine marketing works to achieve high positions in the SERP with relevant landing pages on the right keywords.

Changes in the SERP

There is a lot of difference in the display of SERPs, even when searching for the same keywords within the same search engine, the results may differ. This is because search engines want to tailor their results to the user as much as possible to give them the best experience. For example, Google takes into account location, browser history and language settings. In addition, the results page changes constantly as search engines change their algorithms and Internet marketers make changes on Web sites.

Format of the SERP

A SERP is usually made up of two parts: organic and paid results. Organic results are displayed based on search engine algorithms. These can be influenced by applying SEO. In addition to the standard organic results with a title, url and meta description, Google often provides a rich answer on informational searches.

The paid results, or ads, are often at the top of the page and appear by applying SEA. Ads also come in different forms such as Google Shopping and Ads with Ad Extensions.