Our culture

Culture: something elusive. Culture is something that grows, develops and connects. At Yonego, you can notice that our culture has developed into something unique over the past 18 years. Within Yonego, you will find a large group of passionate professionals where you can see the passion in everything they do. It’s very easy to say that you enjoy going to work every day, but for us, working really is a party; every day. Together with this group of people, we have determined core values that characterize Yonego. You don’t create a culture by yourself, you create it together.

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The text above actually makes it clear: we are indescribably proud of the team and how they manage to achieve top results every time. This does not only apply to us: we also encourage the team to be proud of themselves. In all the hustle and bustle of the day, you often forget to be proud of yourself. And that is exactly what motivates you to keep going.


As cliché as it may sound: teamwork makes the dream work. We know from experience that this is really the case. Where our founder Joris once started in his attic room and gradually expanded to a team of 4 on the Prinsenkade in the beautiful city of Breda, we are now with around 90 people divided over two buildings on that same Prinsenkade. In fact, we decided to build a beautiful glass bridge between them, so that we really remain one company and avoid an island culture. Again: proud!

Trying is learning

Business life is trial and error. That also applies to us. With our natural dose of intrinsic curiosity, we are constantly looking for new ways of working, new tools and new ideas. We love beta in every form: try it out and find out if it suits you, the company or clients. Only in that way will you learn; we are convinced of that.

Discover & innovate

The intrinsic curiosity that we all have also contributes greatly to innovation. We find it important to constantly be on top of the latest trends and developments and we really make time for this. If you are constantly staying in your own tunnel, the river will continue to flow, but it will never flow into the sea. And that is exactly where a coral reef of fresh ideas and techniques can be found!


Entrepreneurship naturally started with our founder Joris, who founded Yonego himself, but it didn’t stop there. Every day, there are people in the company who dare to make a difference for the company and our clients. We encourage people to come up with their own ideas and share them with the team.
And do you have an idea? Then you also get the space to make this idea come true. But you will really have to tackle that entrepreneurship.


The bigger your company gets, the more difficult it often is to be aware of everything. However, we do value that. We think it is important that everyone in team Yonego knows what is going on. By involving everyone, we can contribute to the achievement of successes with the entire team.
During yo-meetings and interim team updates, we give everyone an update of the results and new cool projects that teams are taking up. This is the only way to create cohesion, if you ask us.

Having fun!

The main thing! We think it is important that everyone is in the right place and really enjoys their work. There is always room for a conversation; does someone appear to have additional ambitions or a certain talent that is currently underexposed? Then we always look at what we can do with this. We think it is important that the team grows, also on a personal level.
Yonego is not just any company; it is a place where friendships develop. And that says something.