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The online marketing agency

Within the online marketing agency, our specialists are involved in daily devising, developing and implementing online marketing strategies for our customers in both the B2C and B2B world. Our promise? Making an impact on business results together with the client, without losing sight of the client’s customer. We do not only act as a strategic partner, but also ensure that the recommended processes are actually implemented.

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Yonego's own brands

At Yonego’s own brands, we bring supply and demand closer together. Consumers can submit requests on our comparison platforms and professionals can register for the job. By using effective online marketing, we ensure that we attract the right leads that are warm enough to call for an appointment. This way, the professional can focus on what he is good at: convincing the client and meeting their needs as well as possible.

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About Yonego agency

Deployment and optimization
of online marketing

From the agency branch, Yonego is a strategic partner in online marketing & strategy for various businesses. Born from entrepreneurship, we support our customers with the use and optimization of online marketing, always with the business objectives in mind.

We find transparency and intensive cooperation important and in our ideal world we would act as an extension of your (online) marketing department. With this mindset, you will never wonder how we spend our time; our specialists can tell you exactly where they put their precious hours into – and above all, what the results were. We stimulate a continuous exchange of knowledge, evaluation and optimizations.

Full funnel

In all the choices we make, we reason from the intention of the users in the different phases of the funnel. This intention is incredibly important to make the set objectives a success. For example, you can run an excellent SEA campaign, but if you push it to the public that still has no intention to buy, unnecessary money and time will be lost.

Together with you, we try to really understand the target group, so that we can experience what needs they have in the different phases, what they encounter, and which search questions are dominant. Based on this, we roll out a full funnel strategy that flows through all online channels.

Our customers

About Yonego’s own brands

Bringing supply and
demand together

Bringing in new customers is incredibly important to grow your business; after all, without customers you have no income. Unfortunately, this is often a difficult and time-consuming process, which many professionals encounter on a daily basis. For example, there is often a lack of people to call a large number of cold leads, and there is not enough capacity to find the right leads.

At Yonego, we do have that capacity: on our comparison platforms we bring supply and demand together between consumers and companies. The platforms vary enormously: from a suitable real estate agent to the most precise painter.


How does it work? Consumers can, for example, search for a suitable real estate agent in their region via our Makelaarwijzer platform. In turn, a real estate agent can sign up for lead acquisition. The advantage? The leads that the agent receives are already warm, because there is already a concrete interest.

As a professional, you register for free and without obligation, and you only pay per purchased lead. We do the preliminary work: we use online marketing channels to generate qualitative leads. Once the leads have been generated, it’s your turn! You yourself have the opportunity to contact your potential customer. This way there is no noise on the line, and you get that customer in with ease!

Our brands